MAPG maintains a position of neutrality on gambling, recognizing that most people who gamble do so for recreation and entertainment and suffer no serious problems or negative effects. For some, gambling can become a serious addiction, devastating to individuals, families, work places, and communities. MAPG is committed to providing support and referral services for problem gamblers, their families, employers, students, treatment professionals, the gaming industry, and the greater community through information, education, and referral to the Helpline (1-800-270-7117) Michigan Paneled Providers and Gamblers Anonymous.

Some of the key areas of involvement for the gaming industry include:

  1.  Responsible Gaming and Problem Gambling Policies and Procedures
  2.  Self-Exclusion Policies and Procedures
  3.  Responsible Gaming/Problem Gambling Awareness Materials and Helpline numbers posted and available
  4.  Employee Training – We welcome contacts from Native American Tribe Casinos, Commercial Casinos, and the Lottery. Contact can be made through the MAPG website;

If you are interested in joining MAPG, there is a membership application on our web site. You may also donate to MAPG to support our efforts in making training, education, support and referral sources available to people who may discover that their gambling/gaming is becoming harmful to them and their loved ones.